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We are a credit bureau consultancy company who work in partnership with various companies in assisting you with your credit rehabilitation.

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Our dedicated management team identified the need, especially  among the previously disadvantaged individuals after 23 years of democracy that many of our fellow citizens can’t afford homes and cars and we strongly believe in ‘Batho Pele’, The People first. 

Our belief is that every person must have access to finance to OWN their own homes and cars and to have easy access to finance which means that financial freedom should be available to all, thus working together to restore dignity, honour and empower the people for Nation Building.

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  • Rehabilitation of credit profiles. We keep you informed of changes and interpretations of the working of credit bureaus. Want to buy a home?
  • Credit score too low? let Credi-Clean SA (Pty) Ltd look into your problem and advise you on how to fix it.If you have a problem not mentioned here, please contact us .
  • With our vast experience we might be able to help you!
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Cell Willie: 079 588 6513
Lucas: 074 326 0588

WHATSAPP: 061 859 1667
TEL: National: 012 743 6391

Email: info@crediclean.co.za

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We obtain your Credit Profiles and correspond with you to fix any problems there might be.

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We obtain your credit profiles from the following companies, and correspond with them to rehabilitate your credit listings and credit scoring

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