What is a default?

Answer: a default is where the subscribers of the credit bureaus list you, like Edgars Foschini etc.

You will be listed as handed over, bad debt written off etc.

How long does a default reflect on my profile?

Answer: 2 years from the date of listing.

Can a default be removed?

Answer: Some companies agree to remove but the national credit act does not permit removal, it must however be taken into account that there are certain rules that govern the listing of an individual, for instance you must be notified by the credit provider that you will be listed ,if the procedures were flawed, you can insist on removal.

What is a payment profile?

This is a profile of all your credit agreements combined, example below:

Credit Approved

Monthly Payment




10 000

7 680

7 680


4 000

1 250


ABSA Personal Loan

15 000

12 345



1 250


1 250

The above example shows that anybody considering extending credit to you will know exactly the amount of your outstanding agreements and also how much you are paying in monthly installments, most importantly it will reflect how you are paying the installments.

Can a payment profile be changed?

Answer: only if wrongly reflected but the answer is no, payment profiles are kept for a period of 5 years.

Question : What is a trace alert?

Answer: A trace alert is a tool for tracking someone; say for instance Edgars are looking to obtain your whereabouts they will put a trace alert out on you.

Can it be removed?

Answer: yes normally you must supply your address and contact information and they will remove it .This tool however gets misused by many subscribers and we are busy with a campaign to stop misuse.

What is a Judgement?

Answer: a Judgement is listed if a judgement against you was obtained in a court of law and will reflect on your credit profile for a period of 5 years.

Can a Judgement be removed?

Answer: Yes, we negotiate on your behalf with the attorneys e.g. Rescission of Judgement, paid up letter

Where do I start to obtain my credit profile?

Answer: You can start by filling in these documents and contacting us to start your clean credit profile

We obtain your credit profiles from the following companies, and correspond with them to rehabilitate your credit listings and credit scoring