Identify Theft – Prevent it and protect your credit

People affected by Identity Theft will quickly come to understand that not all the information held on their credit report accurately reflects their personal financial behavior.It has now become common knowledge that every two seconds some-one has their identity stolen. Identity theft is now one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, fueled by the popularity of internet shopping, virtual banking and the use of smart phones and portable devices.

Yet there are many, many people who do not believe that they are at risk until it’s too late. And find out their credit worthiness has been obliterated in the process.Identity theft has also become widely known as “the silent crime” simply because it can go undetected for months, sometimes even years resulting in the victims of identity theft having huge debts run-up in their name.In many cases identity theft only becomes known to the victim when the letters for late payment of final demands begin arriving for debts they know absolutely nothing about. It is also often the case that identity theft comes to light when the victim applies for a line of credit, a loan or a credit account, only to find their credit score and report has been destroyed.

In a recent television documentary (April 12th) an undercover journalist from MNet’s Carte Blanche exposed a sophisticated identity theft syndicate operating out of Soshanguye, near Pretoria. They discovered that fake identity documents and fake profiles could be bought for as little as R3000, depending on the level of credit rating and identity of the victim. The level of sophistication of this syndicate was astonishing. The stolen identity and credit profile included an ID document, proof of address and bank statements. In fact all the required documents some-one would need to open a credit account or apply for a loan. The undercover reporter was then able to go on to purchase a top of the range motor vehicle.

But having your identity stolen doesn’t end there as these fake profiles can be used to open a cell phone account, buy expensive items such as jewelry or everyday items such as food and groceries.There are different methods that thieves use to steal your identity from hacking into sites where you are making a cyber-purchase, to intercepting your banking details on your smartphone or tablet as well as searching your social media profiles; it is also a known fact that some criminals steal mail out of your postbox, or go through your dustbin looking for any printed documents which contain your personal details. If fact any printed or electronic document which contains your personal information places you at risk of identity theft.It is therefore really smart thinking if you can stay one step ahead of the criminals and prevent these sophisticated syndicates from getting access your personal details.

Are you taking steps to protect your identity and personal information? will help to protect your identity and restore your credit with their reliable and dependable strongly advises to make sure all your private correspondence remains that way. Lock your postbox, don’t throw any bank statements, personal letters or bills away without shredding them first and ensure that you protect your online presence by regularly changing your passwords.Here are some of hints at protecting your online identity by creating strong passwords.Have separate passwords for all your online accounts, so if they have one they can’t hack any of your other accounts.Don’t make them too obvious like this 987654321 or 123456789 they should be at least 6 characters long – ideally 8 or 10 containing, capital letters as well as numbers and symbols. m1sP18ceD – “Misplaced” for example.Chose something random and completely obscure. Never use your own name.Try using misspelling for strong passwords.

Goodnight becomes G0*dN1h8tUse a favourite sentence – “Time stands still for no man” Using the first letters Example TsSfNM or the last letters example EsLr0N add your favourite numbers to increase their strength – 007 Example 0TsS0fNM7 or 0Es0Lr0N7Crediclean hopes you will benefit from these hints and continue to protect your identity.In all circumstances when some-one applies for a credit account or loan that enquiry is noted on their credit report with one of the credit bureaus Experian, XDS or ITC Transunion.

In order for you to be able to efficiently and quickly detect if your identity has been stolen or compromised is to regularly review your credit score and report to look for anything can provide you with all the information you require to protect against identity theft and if you are one of the unlucky victims who has suffered at the hands of these criminals. will provide a reliable and dependable service to restore your credit score and recover your credit worthiness. can lead the way


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