What is a Credit Report? Why is it so important?

What is a credit report

Your Crediclean Credit Report will show you exactly what information has been collected by your credit providers. A credit report provides reliable and detailed information about your credit history up to the present day. According to the National Credit Regulator Act banks, building societies and credit providers will use this reliable information to decide whether to give you credit or not.

When you decide to make an application for credit, your credit provider will check your personal credit report with the 3 main credit bureaus, Experian, XDS or ITC Transunion. Most credit providers will take the information found in your credit report and pass it through their own criteria. This gives them an accurate picture of whether you are credit worthy or not.

Based on this final evaluation they make the very important decision to offer you the finance you need or not.Statistically it’s shocking to know that only 1% of active credit users check their credit report on a regular basis to make sure their credit report is an accurate record of how they manage their debts. Are you one of the 99% of people who doesn’t know their credit score? If so, you can fix this immediately with CrediClean What you may not know is that you can legally get your credit report for free once per year.

One of your greatest assets now and in the future, is to have a good credit score. And to make sure that you protect it and keep it safe and healthy. If you do, your credit providers will be only too happy to give you whatever finance you need for the things you want.To be one step ahead, you must know and understand your credit history to recover and protect your credit worthiness. CrediClean can do all the hard work for you. CrediClean will review your credit report, help you to understand your credit history. And provide solutions if necessary and get you to the sweet spot of superior credit worthiness sooner rather than later.

CrediClean will make this available in clear and easy-to-read formats that you will use to make good financial decisions in the future. A good credit history protects you, your family and your most valued possessions.All active credit-users have a credit report which is updated every 30 days by one of the main 3 credit bureaus. The updates are created by receiving information sent by all credit providers that you have accounts with.But your credit report also shows any and all defaults too. If you have missed a payment or are in arrears. Unfortunately, these defaults decrease your credit score. Your credit report also shows how many times you have applied for credit in the last 2 years. Your credit report also shows if you have court records against your name such as judgments.

When you regularly review your credit report and stay on top of your credit status you make sure it is accurate. This makes sure that you manage the credit information, protect yourself against fraud and prevent identity theft.If you have a credit account, loan or are seeking finance for that dream holiday, new car or home improvements, getting your credit report is the first step to your success.

CrediClean makes this convenient, easy and affordable to manage and review your credit report and get you to where you want and deserve to be.

Crediclean.co.za can lead the way


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